Beeswax candles (4 inch custom)


4 inch hand rolled beeswax candles

Made to order, with intention!

****color and herb information down below**

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Hand rolled custom spell candles. Colors have meaning and knowing those gives you the power to use it!

Black~ protection, banishing, removing negativity

Brown~ grounding, lost objects, concentration

Purple~ psychic manifestations, meditation, spirituality

Blue~ truth, wisdom, justice, healing, loyalty

Green~ success, abundance, money, good luck

Yellow~ charm, persuasion, overcoming mental blocks, new ideas, confidence

Orange~ quick action, joy, play, confidence

Red~ sex, courage, willpower, determination, strength

Pink~ love, self-love, romance, reconciliation

Herbs have metaphysical properties and the change depending on how you use them. When adding herbs to candles the intention is to be burnt.

Lavender~ banish negativity, fight depression and anxiety, fights insomnia

Lemongrass~ cleanses the air, opens third eye, said to attract wealth and success

Rosemary~ rids jealousy, banish unwanted spirits/energies, boost memory

Thyme~ boost courage, prevents nightmares, victory

Peppermint~ rid toxic thoughts, relaxing, said to attract wealth and abundance

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black, brown, purple, blue, pink, light green, dark green, yellow, no color, orange, red


lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, thyme, peppermint, cinnamon


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