Traditional intention charm bags for Love, Luck, Peace, Protection, and Health.


Potions—aka “spell oils”—are a combination of essential oils and herbs in a carrier base oil, and are created using both family and traditional gypsy recipes to help you attract something you’re interested in. These are not for drinking, but rather anointing items and self. They can be used to anoint your space (doorways, window sills, nightstand, a smear under your work desk, etc.), worn as a perfume (I simply shake, open, and rub my wrist across the top to get a little bit of oil), rubbed on candles or added to a warmer dish, or simply carried with you as a reminder of the self-empowerment you are hoping to achieve.

This item comes in a 1/3 oz. travel size glass vial with screw top. Includes information sheet. These are intended for external use only.

Available Intentions:

  • Love — To attract love and affection, both physical and emotional. The number one requested potion, putsi, elixir, spell, etc. through the ages. Nope, it wasn’t wealth—it was for those who understood the best wealth is often in those around you rather than what’s in your wallet.
  • Luck & Wealth — The second most requested spell, potion, powder, elixir, putsi, etc. throughout metaphysical history. There were many ways to obtain or ask the cosmos for luck and wealth, from finding four-leaf clovers to burying teeth in graveyards, this is just one example of how to do that.
  • Protection — For mental and physical protection. Protection and feeling safe, inside and out, are important. A fantastic way to guard your boundaries, this oil can be used to anoint the exterior doors of your house.
  • Peace — To obtain tranquility and grounding. The world is a crazy place and we all need a little peace and quiet. This oil is designed to keep you grounded and bring you inner tranquility. A drop or two on your candle or in a warmer works wonders.
  • Health — For mental and physical health. Whether it’s warding off illness or simply wishing to keep the strength you currently have, this oil is designed for help your inner and outer health.
  • Gypsy — Blending the powers of strength, spirit and success, this is based on an old family spell that was exactly what I needed at the time. The sight and scent is uniquely beautiful and helps you manifest your inner abilities and objectives.

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

*Gypsy, while offensive to some, is not meant in a derogatory manner. I was raised by the term, right alongside the actually demeaning Bohunk. My Grandmother and Aunt both used “gypsy” and so too do I. If you are offended, it’s by choice not design.

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