Putsi (charm bag)


Traditional intention charm bags for Love, Luck, Peace, Protection, and Health.


Putsi bags, aka charm bags, were carried by the Gypsies* to hold their trinkets, charms, and treasures. Thus a true putsi will have personal items in it, and therefore I suggest the types of things you could and should add. They can be carried with you, tucked under your pillow, hung from your review mirror, etc. These each come with a charm inside representing the desired outcome. When you add your personal item, feel free to take out the charm and add it to your necklace, bracelet, keychain, etc.—-one more way to carry (a portion of) the putsi with you. Intended for external use only.

Each putsi contains bits of traditionally used herbs, with a small stone and charm which symbolize the purpose in a 1.75×2″ drawstring organza bag (color may vary from picture). Perfectly balanced as they are, do remember, a true charm bag should have something added to it by its owner. If you feel it adds to the intention, add it!

Available Intentions:

  • Love — To attract love and affection, both physical and emotional. The number one requested potion, putsi, elixir, spell, etc. through the ages. Nope, it wasn’t wealth—it was for those who understood the best wealth is often in those around you rather than what’s in your wallet.
  • Luck & Wealth — The second most requested spell, potion, powder, elixir, putsi, etc. throughout metaphysical history. There were many ways to obtain or ask the cosmos for luck and wealth, from finding four-leaf clovers to burying teeth in graveyards, this is just one example of how to do that.
  • Protection — For mental and physical protection. Protection and feeling safe, inside and out, are important. I have a protection putsi I have carried with me, when traveling, for almost twenty years. Whether you’re looking to feel empowered inside or more aware of your outsides, this is the perfect charm bag for you.
  • Peace — To obtain tranquility and grounding. The world is a crazy place and we all need a little peace and quiet. This putsi is designed to keep you grounded and bring you inner tranquility. Used by kings and paupers alike, this type of charm bag was found everywhere.
  • Health — For mental and physical health. Whether it’s warding off illness or simply wishing to keep the strength you currently have, this putsi was used by many. Well being is both mental and physical, and this is designed with that in mind.

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

*Gypsy, while offensive to some, is not meant in a derogatory manner. I was raised by the term, right alongside the actually demeaning Bohunk. My Grandmother and Aunt both used “gypsy” and so too do I. If you are offended, it’s by choice not design.

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