Spell Bottles


Traditional intention charm bags for Love, Luck, Peace, Protection, and Health.


Manifest your reality: These bottles include items infused with intention (a mini focus scroll, gemstones or crystals, herbs and spices) and are then sealed with wax, the color chosen to match the desired effect.

Available Intentions:

  • Protection — This spell bottle is meant to create or maintain a field of protection around you, your loved ones, your space, even your property or boundaries.
  • Happiness —  This spell bottle is meant to bring or maintain happiness in the various parts of your life, whether it be self-love, friendships, or romantic love that needs a boost.
  • Inspiration/Creativity — This spell bottle is meant to help awaken your creativity, jostle your muse, or otherwise help you find your inspiration.
  • Cleansing/Warding —  This spell bottle is meant to cleanse the aura and energy of you, your surroundings, or your property. It can be used to push out the negative in and around you, or to ward yourself against the negative surroundings you find yourself in. Toxic work place? Tuck this in your desk drawer!
  • Luck/Prosperity —  This spell bottle is meant to awake your inner prosperity magnet and make you more open and receptive to the luck and fortune around you.

Magick: Remember, I put the intention in there, but you have to connect to it and release it. Hold the bottle and think of what you want—meditate with it, breathe in the reality you’re looking to find. (Positive thoughts only! Never manifest “I don’t want” only ever “I want or will have.”) You get out of magick the energy you put into it.

Use: You can carry this with you, place it in your home, office or car, set it on a shelf or at the edge of your property, bury it by your steps or in your garden… however and wherever seems most logical to you, after all, the magicks are for you and your intentions.

Each bottle is made to order and may differ slightly in appearance from the one pictured. Settling may occur during shipping. Bottles are shipped in small baggies in case of chaos, the contents are contained and can be rebottled.
For external use only. Not a substitute for medical or mental health treatment.
Bottles are 20ml in size, roughly 1″ wide by 2-1/2″ tall.

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*Gypsy, while offensive to some, is not meant in a derogatory manner. I was raised by the term, right alongside the actually demeaning Bohunk. My Grandmother and Aunt both used “gypsy” and so too do I. If you are offended, it’s by choice not design.

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Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in


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